Herlington Preschool, 29 Herlington, Peterborough, PE2 5PW

Opening Hours

Open from 8AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday. 6 different programs are available for all age groups

Parents & Tots

(6 months – 5 Years)

2-3 Year Olds

(2-3 Years)

3-4 Year Olds

(3-4 Years)

Holiday Club

(2-5 Years)

Welcome to the Most Secure Place!

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged two and a half to five years old are encouraged to explore their potential!

Why Kindergarten is the Best Start?

‘Kindergarten’ means the children’s garden – a magical place for young minds bristling with excitement, full of imagination and possibility. Watch our video to discover how children learn through play.

What We Offer


What Are The Facilities?

Infant classroom offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation and responding to challenging behaviors in a sanitized and safe environment.

About the Teachers

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our Kindergarten to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs

What Parents Say